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Back to school – book a ‘Discovering Careers in Allied Health’ session at your school now

27th August 2020

As students get ready to return to school in September, we would like to provide schools, teachers and career advisors with an opportunity to book onto a ‘Discovering Careers in Allied Health’ session with the ‘I See The Difference’ Outreach Team.

The team are dedicated to raising awareness of allied health careers and are keen to explore some great content about the benefits of a career in professions such as Podiatry, Therapeutic radiography, Orthoptics and Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Our amazing Outreach Officers George Lock, Emily Farrell, Michelle Tyler, and Chris Jefferson will be hosting a range of virtual sessions to introduce pupils to the 15 allied health professions.

Email us at and let us know your preferred dates and times at your school.

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