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Scenario 1: Joe, Orthoptist, 23, graduated 2 years ago, Band 5
Scenario 2, Bhavna, Therapeutic Radiographer, 35 graduated 6 years ago, Band 6
Scenario 3: Gavin, Podiatrist, 40 graduated 8 years ago, private practice
Scenario 4: Rosie, Prosthetist, 30 on maternity leave


Scenario 1: Joe, Orthoptist, 23
graduated 2 years ago,
Band 5

Assuming Joe has accessed a full student loan (tuition and maintenance) and based on the current NHS pay scale. With 2 year’s experience, Joe would be earning approximately £24,214 a year so he would not be making any standard student loan repayments. 

The only way Joe would be making a repayment through his salary, is if he worked overtime or got a bonus or another work-based payment that pushed his salary over the threshold for a month. However, if at the end of the tax year Joe’s salary did not equate to £25,725 then he could apply to SLC for a refund of the repayment he made in that month he was over the threshold.