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Get ready, Get headsets and Go! Using virtual reality to experience a day in the life of an allied health professional

11th October 2019

NHS, Health Education England have created four new films using the latest immersive 360-degree VR technology and are narrated by the clinicians themselves – giving inspiring and informative insight into their chosen professions. Using VR in this way is cutting edge and is thought to be some of the first work of its kind in health and care careers. The project is part of HEE’s AHP programme’s strategy to improve the supply of AHPs to help deliver the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The films have been created to show a typical day on the life of a podiatry, orthoptics, prosthetic and orthotics and therapeutic radiography professional. You can look around the environment, and watch short films embedded within it.

Alongside this NHS, Health Education England, Health Careers have developed interactive AHP careers resources which combines all of the AHP careers promotion resources in one place so that anyone wanting to promote AHP careers can access them easily. It includes links to useful information including: I See The Difference campaign, The WOW Show, Universe of Opportunities, Inspiring the Future, Return to Practice and the newly launched Virtual Reality.

Click here for resources to help you to promote AHP careers

Click here for teaching resources to help promote AHP careers

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