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Recognising the contribution of health workers

27th March 2020

During times like this, we start to understand the sacrifice health workers, NHS staff and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) are making. While many people are being asked to stay at home, our health workers are on the frontline – working hard, putting themselves at risk and caring for patients.

The government states frontline health care workers are medical professionals, delivering essential or routine medical treatment. This describes many AHPs. AHPs, third year health students, people who have left their health professions, and private practitioners are all being asked to be flexible in the time of need. They are requested to offer their skills and expertise in case of an emergency to help deal with any future high demand.

Podiatrists are treating high risk patients, reducing hospital admissions and therefore helping to ease the pressure on the NHS. Therapeutic Radiographers are still providing vital cancer treatments and the overwhelming number of critical patients means Operating Department Practitioners will have to step in.

If you’re thinking about your career and your future, here is a list of all the inspiring AHPs that deserve recognition for the contribution they’re making. These professions offer great pay and good working conditions and plenty of opportunities to advance. It’s also important to understand the need doesn’t ever stop for AHPs, patients will always need them, as does the NHS at this time.

In the coming weeks we hope to provide an inspirational and celebratory platform for any AHPs who wish to speak about their experiences and as a way of showing our appreciation. Thank you health heroes!

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