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Study to become a Speech and Language Therapist at Plymouth Marjon University

2nd August 2019

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) enjoy a rewarding, specialist career working closely with parents, teachers, carers, nurses, doctors and occupational therapists. Almost one in five people experience communication difficulties and this is where SLTs can help, supporting people to develop or restore communication, or giving strategies to manage in different ways. SLTs also support people who struggle to eat, drink or swallow. SLTs work in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, schools, community clinics and specialist units.

Previous student at Plymouth Marjon University, Hannah Coxhead said: “Training to be a Speech and Language Therapist is such a great experience. Not only do you have the academic side but being out in the real world working with clients opens your eyes to everything happening. The course pushes you and has really helped me become more confident academically and in general with clients and peers”

Get in touch with Plymouth Marjon University to start your Speech and Language Therapy course this September.

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