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Top Tips for UCAS applications for Paramedic courses

5th December 2019

As the UCAS deadline approaches, (15 January 2020!) here are five top tips, for those thinking of applying on a Paramedic undergraduate course… from Bob Fellows, Head of Education for the College of Paramedics.

  1. Sort out a cracking UCAS statement, don’t rely on your “mates” to give you feedback. Find educators and HEI tutors especially in your desired paramedic profession, who can help you.
  2. Do not rely on your google research. Dig deep and cross reference. Know what you know and know why you know it. Go to interviews well versed in research
  3. “Emergency Air Ambulance” is NOT representative of what the paramedic profession is all about. You will start in generalist ambulance work but prepare to have many different roles in your career.
  4. Get your grades, don’t rely on clearing to squeeze you in. it’s very competitive. Study is hard, but it’s the beginning of lifelong learning.
  5. You will get knock backs in life. When you fall, ask yourself what can I learn from this. So, get up, brush yourself down and get back in the game. The process of the life journey is almost as important as the end destination.

More about Bob Fellows

Bob set up the very first preregistration degree that commenced at The University of Hertfordshire in 1998. He retired from a senior educational role from the London Ambulance Service to undertake his role with The College of Paramedics.

“Over the years I have read many hundreds of UCAS statements and interviewed hundreds of ‘Wanabee Paramedics’. My favourite opening line that left me laughing like a drain. Was…Is it a bird, is it a plane… no it’s a paramedic………   (Not a good start, in my opinion).”

If you can do with some advice on your UCAS application, please email

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